Edgar Brown Stadium-John Crawford Track

Dear Coach,

    The Pasco Invitational Track Meet Committee has been working on the Annual Pasco Invite which is scheduled for April 14th. The Pasco Invitational staff has put in an incredible amount of time this fall to put on the State Cross Country Meet for the 30th time. We were proud of our effort but that endeavor did detract from the planning for the Pasco Invitational. We are now up and rolling with information about the Invite.  Some changes have been made in the annual event.  First off, the new logo shown above reflects the involvement of two high schools in Pasco.  Second, we will continue to feature an "Elite Mile".  Because of so many requests to continue this tradition and the fact that the Northwest continues to have some of the best distance runners in the nation, we are going to have these races in conjunction with the opening ceremonies.  More information will follow as to selection.  Third, we are going to change the process of seeding races.  We will still have standards for entrance into the meet but we are going to use current marks to seed the events. And lastly, John Crawford will still be associated with the meet but not the physical part of raceday.  He will help with entries, his website and passing on information to the crew running the meet.

Let me assure you that we are still going to put on the best possible track meet. Plans at this time include a similar basic format and schedule as in the past with a plaque for first, medals for the next three places and ribbons for the remaining four places. Again all races finish on the main stand side  We are planning to score 8 people for each event and to take 10 into the finals for the field events and those events where we run preliminaries. We will continue to run the 800 like the 1600 and 3200(Alley starts with 16) and having only one pit in the pole vault in the infield(Boys PV starts at 9:30 followed by the Girls PV).  We will be running a regular 1600 for those runners not in the "Elite Mile".   A school can only have one entry into an "elite mile" so it you also have another very good runner they could be in the regular 1600. 

We are continuing to make changes in the number of competitors that are entered into our meet. We have, for the last twenty years, exceeded the number of requests that we can handle in the time restraints we have on race day. As a result of this, we are limiting the entries that teams that are competing can make. We are doing this by setting a standard that all individuals must meet before they can be entered. See an attached time schedule with the qualifying standards. Standards are necessary to try to accommodate the many requests we have for entry into the Pasco Invite. It is regretful that we are not able to let teams enter as many as they want but numbers would exceed the ability to handle that many on race day. We also must think about the safety of the athlete. We will be monitoring entry times/distances versus actual performances. We want only the athletes that truly qualify for the invite. Coaches that wish to push these standards will be asked not to attend future invites. Here are the rules 1) You must meet the minumum standards which are lifetime best 2) You must verify that you have met that standard(John Sell's book and will be used) and 3) Only the top 40 will actually be entered into the event.

As in the past, there is an entry fee to the Pasco Invite. Again this year we will have a entry fee which accounts for the number of entries on for both the boys and girls teams combined. $5 is charged for each individual athlete and $12 for each relay team on This entry fee is necessary to keep the high standards of our meet and it still the same as last year. As in the past years, only one participant from each school can enter each event. An additional entry will be considered if their mark would finish in the top 10 of that event. Thanks for your interest in  our meet.


Entry questions should be directed to John Crawford at
Other concerns should be directed to Jake Davis at